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Holiday Club (Held at 181 Turney Road)
Cocktail Drinks

Monday 24th July  Paddling Pool Party

We will be having a children's cocktail bar, paddling pool, fountains and inflatables,

Tuesday 25th July Brockwell  Park

We will be flying down the zip wire in the park.

Wednesday 26th July Horniman 

Animal park and fun in the giant sandpit.

Thursday 27th July Chalkwell beach

 Crab and Coconut Hunting.

Friday 28th July

Summer style Arts and Crafts

Daily After School Club

3:15 pm - 6:15 pm

After School Club
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We have a strong ethos and encourage play, safety and healthy eating

Holiday Club (Held at South London Scout Centre)

Monday 31st July/7th  August

Forest school day in the woods making craft out of what we forage.

Tuesday 1st/8th August

Picnic with the dinosaurs and meet the animals.

Wednesday 2nd/9th August Wells park

Hang upside down in the playground

Thursday 3rd/10th August

Shoreham by sea

Have a paddle and look for treasure

Holiday Club
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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