Holiday Club

This half term we are open 

Tuesday 1st June 2021

Wednesday 2nd June 2021

Thursday 3rd June 2021

8:30-6:00 £45.00 a day

Your children are welcome even if they don't attend Dulwich Village After school club or Infants school.


This half term we will be going to the woods and campsite in Dulwich for a woodland adventure.  This half term we will be meeting at the SouthLondon Scout hut instead of coming to the club to avoid getting on the bus.


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Forest School


The children arrive for breakfast at the club from 8:00am.

The children should bring a water bottle, suitable out door clothing and a packed lunch.

The children will have a picnic lunch in our garden and then travel to the woods by bus.


They will explore the woods looking at the Fauna and Flora, Climb trees, learn to use the tools and do some bird watching, time to play and bus  back to the club.dinner is served at around 4:45.

Hometime is at 6pm.

 Chalkwell Beach


The club is open for breakfast at 8:00am.

We aim to leave for the day at 9:15.

The children need to bring: suitable shoes for paddling, a bucket and spade if they have one and a packed lunch in a ruck sack.

We will travel by 42 bus and then train to Chalkwell beach.


The children will have their packed lunch on the beach and will explore the seaside with adult supervision.

Then back to the club in time for dinner and hometime at 6pm.