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Happy and Safe



To support the children's wellbeing at Dulwich Village Kids Club, we follow the British Values and the Forest school Ethos.

  • Rule of Law

  • Democracy

  • Respect for people of all faiths and those with none.

  • Individual Liberty

  • We explain the rules in a child friendly way remembering that Dulwich Village Kids Club is a Child centred environment.


Respect yourself, Respect others and Respect the Environment.


The children and adults adhere to Esafety while operating the ipads or any other type of computer.


  • We will only use the internet or email when there is an adult present.

  • We will only send friendly and polite messages to people we know.

  • If we see something we don't like on a screen, we will always tell an adult immediately.

  • We will not go on Facebook or Twitter or any other Social Media site that is usually used by adults.

  • When we use the internet we show one of the adults the site we are visiting.

  • We will only click on icons that we know are safe.


The adults who work at Dulwich Village Kids Club have had training in courses that relate to child protection, first aid etc.

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