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In order to register, you will need to fill out a contact form, a medical form. If your child has any special requirements such as a food allergy or any additional needs we ask you to fill out other forms too. There has been such a high demand for places this year that we have had to have a waiting list.



Where possible we would like you to make your bookings in advance. It is not necessary to book the same day each week and some place may be available on the day. Always ensure to notify your child's class teacher that we will be collecting them. You will get an invoice at the start of the month and will need to pay by the third Friday of every month.



These are the details you will need in order to pay your fees.


Cheques - We no longer take Cheques


Direct Debit

Sort Code:                 20-66-55

Account Number:    03981991


When you are asked if there is a reference, please write your child's name and the month you are paying for. Please do not pay until you have received your invoice.


You can also pay us via the government childcare account by searching Dulwich Village Kids Club (please make sure you haven't chosen the infants school).


Childcare Vouchers 

You are welcome to use Childcare Vouchers.  The only one we do not use is Computershare.

Please make sure that you search for Dulwich Village Kids and not Dulwich Village Infants School. 


Ofsted Registration Number EY480032.


Unfortunately cancelled bookings can't be refunded.


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